Residency and exhibition program 2023.

The second exhibition of the year shows the works of the artist Motoko Tachikawa, Many of them were created during her residency at EAC Les Thermes, some from before are in too. The focus of Motoko’s attention is often on the unnoticed along the way. Often overlooked but remarkably tough and resistant and of astonishing beauty.

The first exhibition of the year 2023. The curator in residency, artist Ayan Mukherjee, has created an exhibition around the theme ¨Kuch Toh Log Kahenge¨/ ¨the violence of words-la violence des mots¨ in dialogue with ¨Atis Rezistans¨(three members of them: Basile Wesner, Louis Kervens, Robert Louis), , Aude Anquetil, Camila Rodriguez Triana, Marguerite Mamontagne aka DBA, Saïd Dib, , Samuel Zingg. The installed works are interconnected. You will find interactive textworks, interactive sculptures, videos, sculptures, paintings, drawings, music.

Les résidences et expos de 2022

Identités Remarquables:


Welcome to the group project of the 8 art and mediation students from . It is all about how to integrate our neighbors from the quarter, the town, the surroundings into our projects, make them participate with their own ideas and to attract them to our artspace and residency, to make them visit us without hesitation.

Welcome to the second artist in residency of the year 2022, Flora Vachez!

Welcome to the first artist in residency of the year 2022, Helene Sperandio!

Welcome to the first artist in residence of the year 2022, Helene Sperandio!

There are no exhibitions until spring 2022. The residency is open on demand but only for research residencies without final expo. We will host meetings and activities in our exhibition rooms during late autumn and winter, as a platform of exchange, to contribute to inspiring developments of the local community.

The program for 2022 is almost ready and will be published here soon.

The last exhibition/manifestation showed Lee Eun Young’s works. They were created in Bourbonne-Les-Bains during the artists residency and in exchange with the local population. The opening took place on August 28th, 7pm.

Lena Lapschina’s works. They are created in Bourbonne-Les-Bains FR in exchange with the local population. The opening takes place on July 24th 2021.

Jouve-Jeanne Pierrotte stays incognito

12 avril 2021 : En ce moment, le confinement ici en France est à nouveau plus strict. Je ne suis autorisée à recevoir que des visiteuSes sur rendez-vous, (0033(0)76 601 68 22) 6 personnes max en même temps. Ceci est possible car l’Espace d’Art+ résidences d’artistes est siègé dans ma maison privée. (Asso ATAW 1901) Ainsi les visiteuSes sont reçuEs en tant qu’invitéEs privéEs. Confirmé par le conseiller du numéro vert covid 19 du gouvernement français.

April 12th 2021: At the moment, the lockdown here in France is stricter again. I am only authorized to receive visitors by appointment, (0033(0)76 601 68 22) 6 people max at the same time. This is possible because the Espace d’Art+ artist residences is located in my private house. (Asso ATAW 1901) Thus the visitors are received as private guests. Confirmed by the adviser of the covid 19 hotline of the French government.

Samson Kambalu and Gabrielle du Mêntelet-Laumont (the last stays incognito)

The News Section can also show participation of our artists in exhibitions taking place in the region. The artists who participate in our residency and exhibitions at EAC Les Thermes, not only enrich Bourbonne les Bain, but through their being here also enrich the rest of the region and the whole of France.

The possibility for our artists to also participate in such exhibitions, strengthens the vision of EAC Les Thermes, which is to nurture, enable and facilitate connection, exchange and creation, thereby transforming barriers between ways of living into something more translucide, by working on breaking down barriers of class, gender, colour, culture.

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