Residency and exhibition program 2023

The second exhibition of the year 2023 shows the works of the artist Motoko Tachikawa ; most of them created during her residency at the EAC, some from before are also in. The focus of Motokos attention is often on the unnoticed along the way. The overlooked but remarkably tough and resistant and of astonishing beauty :

The first exhibition of the year 2023. The curator in residency, artist Ayan Mukherjee, has created an exhibition around the theme ¨Kuch Toh Log Kahenge¨/ ¨the violence of words-la violence des mots¨ in dialogue with ¨Atis Rezistans¨(three members of them: Basile Wesner, Louis Kervens, Robert Louis), , Aude Anquetil, Camila Rodriguez Triana, Marguerite Mamontagne aka DBA, Saïd Dib, , Samuel Zingg. The installed works are interconnected. You will find interactive textworks, interactive sculptures, videos, sculptures, paintings, drawings, music.

Welcome to ¨Identités Remarquables ¨ the 4th project of the year 2022!