About the founder

Daniela Belinga Agossa is a swiss visual artist, initiator and director of the artspace+ residencies https://www.danielabelinga.com. After having initiated and/or organised/co-organised several art expos and festivals in forgotten places in Switzerland and the USA, she decided to buy this well situated building in the heart of the  thermal springs area of Bourbonne-les-Bains. Fortuitously found and bought with her retirement pension capital, as her holiday residency,  the site uncovers its riches more each day. Of very rich mythology and more solid witnesses of the oldest past, notably in the water landscape, the place is a point of sprouting in a digitalized world, where the nowhere can become the everywhere. Such offering an openness to the mind with its ability of imagination and assisting the transformation of the artists and the guests.

EAC Les Thermes was officially established in France by D.B.A. creating the ATAW non profit association, with office members Esther Belinga and Anna Karniej.

The cultural center was created in automn 2018 and officially opened with its first artists in residency inaugurating the place with the celebration of a group show called ¨DÉPART ET ARRRIVÉE¨ in spring 2019.