To our culture centre+ artist residency. EAC Les Thermes is situated in the heart of the spa area of Bourbonne. The building is surrounded by underground springs and creeks of healing waters. Those were already known to the Romans and the Gauls before them, who had created a cult around the water spirits Damona and Borvo. The Romans were the first to build spas and they strengthened the bond with the goddesses of the gallic nature religion. The cult for the water spirits Orvo/Orvonne /Damona /Borvo was central to the life of the community. The name of the town derives etymologically from this spirit of water. (Borvo / Bourbonne), as well as the name of the famous Bourbon Royal Family. (Probably even the name of the Bourbon Whisky, who knows?) 

Bourbonne has a unique atmosphere. Stretching over several hills, this small provincial town with its virtually abandoned buildings, provides countless opportunities for reutilisation and conversion. For the upcoming projects which follow up after the 2019 Spring exhibition on Departure and Arrival, artists will be chosen for their interest and energy in projects that deal with water in the broadest sense, history and mythology of the region, the riches and products of Champagne/Ardenne, and/or with the decay of paid work (affecting the community of workers, small artisans and small shop tenders) behind the growing number of abandoned buildings throughout the river plain, in exchange with the local community as much as possible. This in aim to bring the world to Bourbonne and Bourbonne to the world and find new ways in doing this.

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